Monday, June 27, 2016

Kim Domingo's Trumpet Dance Challenge Goes Viral


Thousands of Netizens have dream about this. At last, Kim Domingo's trumpet dance challenge video is finally out of the internet. Uploaded by Youtube account, The Kim Domingo's video is making some noice in the social media.

viral video of Kim Domingo

Just before you close your eyes, Here comes the TWERK IT LIKE MILEY Goddess showcasing her dancing skills to the tune of the hit dance craze" TRUMPET"

Kim Domingo's started becoming famous when her Twerk It Like Miley video goes viral in social media. After that, She became of the leading actress of GMA. You can watch her in JUAN HAPPY LOVE STROY and BUBBLE GANG.

If you are an avid fan of her , we have a gift for you. Enjoy watching Kim Domingo's trumpet dance challenge video.

source: Boompanot


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